This New, Affordable K-Beauty Brand is Flying Off the Shelves

Danica Farley | January 7, 2022

Made with vegan ingredients, Soo’AE delivers honestly effective, glow-inducing skincare.


No more for only those in-the-know, Korean beauty continues to illuminate the world. And deservedly so—South Korea is a global beauty industry leader after all. K-beauty’s philosophy puts skincare first and cosmetics second with a multi-step routine for natural beauty. Layered self-care cleanses, tones, clarifies, hydrates, and brightens for a radiant visage. Trust the process, good things take time.


Soo’AE is an adorable K-beauty brand featuring effective ingredients and technology.


In Respected Company


A-listers are smitten with K-beauty brands. Celebrity aficionados include: our gorgeous girl next door Kate Hudson, DIY Honest guru Jessica Alba, and golden snowboarding sensation Chloe Kim. 


I recently met a few inspiring Korean women and would follow any of their recommended rituals born in their country. These ladies are forces of nature: the haenyeo, South Korea’s “women of the sea.” Okay, I didn’t meet them personally, but was introduced via the book The Island of Sea Women by New York Times bestselling author Lisa See, as well as on the silver screen in Patagonia film’s Lessons from Jeju, starring the indomitable Kimi Werner. 


These living legends are examples of strength, vitality, and resilience—esteemed characteristics in people and meaningful qualities in beauty products.


Praiseworthy Values


A trending K-beauty line embodies the virtues above, drum roll…say hello to Soo’AE. (Read it fast and it almost looks like Soothe.) Soo’AE is “made with the greatest love”—clean for your body and the environment. Superior ingredients are blended with integrity and an eco-friendly attitude. Products are free from parabens, harsh chemicals, and formaldehyde (ewww, no thank you)—and full of only goodness for beautiful you.


Make Healthy Choices


Soo’AE says: “Be a skin vegan. It’s easier on the skin and kinder to the earth.” Count me in for total wellness. Inner health and outer appearance are wondrously entwined. I know I feel better when I eat clean and vegan—physically and ethically—my skin deserves the same kind of care.


Plus, Soo’AE is cruelty-free; no products are ever tested on animals. How about a big applause for this company that cares!


Bebop to some K-pop and read on for a selection of revitalizing Soo’AE skincare products that won’t break the bank. Beauty at a bargain? You bet.


Soo’AE's Double Bubble Cleanser
Soo’AE’s Double Bubble Cleanser


Deep Cleanse with Charcoal and Rosemary


Soo’AE’s Double Bubble Cleanser ($11) is twice the fun. This gem of a gel can be used as a cleanser or a mask. Pumped and applied to dry skin, micro bubbles form on your features…don’t add water yet, first massage in circles. Repeat two to three times for a mask effect or just once for a daily dose. When you’ve had enough bubbles, rinse away the lovely suds and reveal your gleaming face. 


Made with charcoal and rosemary extracts, the aroma is naturally divine. It reminds me of walking serene woodland paths—perhaps new growth forests where fire was beneficial for rejuvenation. If charcoal restores ecosystems, it can cleanse facial impurities for pure renewal.


Soo’AE Phyto Collagen Collection
Soo’AE Phyto Collagen Collection


Hydrate and Rejuvenate Your Derma


As we age (counting lines on our face like rings of a tree), our skin’s collagen protein naturally abandons us. Turn that frown upside down…you can replenish hydration and elasticity for a healthy glow. Unlike many collagens on the market, the Soo’AE Phyto Collagen Collection (cleansing foam, serum, and cream) is made for all skin types and is certified vegan friendly. That’s right…zero ingredients are derived from animals. Mother Nature provides everything required for powerful anti-aging skincare. 


Advanced technology extracts collagen from plants like mushrooms (maximum moisture from fantastic fungi), antioxidant chia seeds for a firm dermis, ginseng root improves fine lines and wrinkles, pumpkin extract softens, and soothing natto gum adds a youthful luster. 


Soo’AE’s Phyto Collagen Serum
Soo’AE’s Phyto Collagen Serum


A Plant-Based Serum for Serious Anti-Aging


Soo’AE’s Phyto Collagen Serum is especially dreamy. Priced at only $13.50 it is almost unbelievable. A brilliant mix of phyto friends (vitamin C, Salvia Hispanica seed, Opuntia Ficus fruit) nourishes, tones, plumps, and revives. The fragrance has delicate floral hints and is romantic like perfume. There is nothing sticky about this situation on your face and neck. Somebody worked magic to perfect the texture—it glides on silky and light.


Soo’AE’s Tea Tree Clear Dot Patch
Soo’AE’s Tea Tree Clear Dot Patch

Uproot Breakouts with Healing Tea Tree Oil


Tea tree oil, Melalueca alternifolia, is another phyto phenomenon and wonder from Down Under. When leaves of the native Australian tea tree are distilled, a miracle medicine is born. Aborigines have used this tried-and-true remedy for generations, as have I my entire life (thanks, mom!); the benefits and uses are voluminous. It is no surprise that Soo’AE’s Tea Tree Clear Dot Patch is a blemish banishing superhero. 


These mini yet mighty patches easily and transparently adhere to problem areas for rapid relief. Pre-party pimple blues be gone. This genius invention has effective results. Medical-grade hydrocolloid absorbs oils and deflates skin irritation while tea tree oil calms and soothes. I would pay a high price to eliminate breakouts, but no need…$4.50 for 30 patches is a steal.


Treat yourself to brilliant benefits—Soo’AE pairs tradition with science for luminous results. Check out all Soo’AE goods, including hair care and body care for men and women online, at Ulta Beauty, and your neighborhood drugstore (CVS, Walgreens, Walmart).


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